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Robert TracyFounder/Director of Brilliant Minds Unleashed (a division of The Center for Suicide Awareness)

Letter of Recommendation
For Micky Doyle

As an Academic Advisor for many years I have suggested to my advisees that the most sought after skill in today’s economy is the ability to learn new skills really fast. I have worked with few people as adaptive and forward thinking as Micky Doyle. Most recently she has led the way as UW-Green Bay’s Adult Degree Program seeks innovative ways to utilize social media and other technology not only to communicate with our students but to retain them as they persist toward graduation. Micky also possesses a keen sense about how to collect data from these efforts and analyze the strategic value.

Micky cannot be defined based solely on her technological prowess. She is a genuine human being complete with all the soft skills necessary to lead and inspire a project team or more often than not role up her sleeves and wade knee-deep into situations requiring creative problem solving and hard work. Thankfully the Adult Degree Program team does not have to “pick team members” when we embark on a new endeavor. Our department is rife with professionals like Micky, competent, confident and congenial. Never-the-less if I were a team captain I would always choose Micky first. Simply put Micky is reliable and gets the job done.

I venture to say that it baffles men like me that women like Micky can run circles around us then go home and run circles around their significant others. Actually as a historian, husband and father of a brilliant daughter I am not baffled at all. For too long society has placed obstacles before 51% of our collective brain-power. “The times are a changing” and had better keep changing. Micky is a role model for all of her colleagues and her children. Her talent manifests itself in the work place, in her home and in the community where she volunteers and encourages others to do the same.

Micky Doyle has enriched my life, personally and professionally. If you ever get the opportunity to “pick Micky” to be on your team I encourage you to do so.

Robert Tracy, M.A.

Lynn BrandtVP of Customer Solutions at 4EG Solutions, LLC

I have worked with Micky for nearly five years. She is the “go to” person in our office for planning a variety of different events we offer for our students. I always know that everything will run smoothly with Micky in charge. She is very organized and has a keen sense for detail. We have had been able to hold very success events under Micky’s lead. She is also a lot of fun to work with and always strives to perform at her best.less

May 15, 2014, Lynn worked directly with Micky at UW-Green Bay

Eric CraverDirector of External Relations; Outreach and Adult Access at The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

I have worked with Micky for over seven years and she has consistently demonstrated high-level customer service to those who interact with this office. Micky is always trying to improve herself professionally and has proven herself in the area of event planning. Her organized approach to program oversight adds to her record of making sure that events under her supervision come off as successful. I have complete confidence in Micky’s abilities and highly recommend her.less